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What Will This Cost?

This is often the first question new clients ask. When it’s not, it’s probably the question they wanted to ask first, but didn’t in order to be polite.

Arciniegas Abogados understands that all clients, and especially small businesses, share this concern.

Arciniegas Abogados Works Hard to Ensure You Receive the Best Value for Your Legal Needs

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The best value does not necessarily mean the cheapest. In fact, cut-rate services or products often cost more in the long run. Purchasing forms off the Internet may save you in the beginning, but can cost significantly more down the road if it leads to litigation or does not ultimately accomplish the results you were after.

Arciniegas Abogados focuses on providing the best value. We have reasonable billing rates based on each attorney’s expertise and experience. We offer fixed legal fees for appropriate projects. We provide a quick call allowance for clients in accordance with our billing policy. When all is said and done, we want our clients to know they received excellent services, for a fair price.

Billing Policy

We believe that it is best to share expectations early. That is why we provide a detailed, written billing policy to all new clients, explaining how our firm’s billing works. The policy explains what work is billable and when we provide non-billable allowances. It explains our hourly rates, and how they are determined. It explains why we bill on an hourly basis in some matters and why we charge a flat fee in others. It also includes a number of examples to clearly show how the time spent on your matter is calculated and used in determining your bill.


Our goal is to allow you to better understand and control your legal expenses, and help you utilize our services more efficiently.

Fee advances and how it benefits our clients

Arciniegas Abogados collects an initial fee advance from all new clients and for all new matters arising for existing clients. A fee advance is an amount held in trust to cover your legal fees and expenses that will occur at a later date. The funds belong to the client, but are held in a special Trust Account or similar on the client’s behalf. Alternatively, for clients paying by credit card, funds are captured without charging. Charges are applied to credit cards in the measure that bills become due. As small business owners, the fee advance is a vital part of our practice. It is how we ensure we are paid for our services.

The fee advance is also a benefit for our clients. As with most businesses, we have multiple projects competing for our attention. Your fee advance ensures your project receives our full attention, in the quickest time possible. Requiring a fee advance also reduces our losses from uncollected invoices. Controlling these losses allows us to continue to provide the best legal services without the higher hourly fees of other firms.


Finally, we have found that a fee advance often helps our clients appreciate the significance of their project or matter, which can help in moving projects forward towards completion, or in negotiating a quicker settlement when appropriate.

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