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Have you tried our online consultation platform?

After you send us your enquiry, our staff will reply in the next 20 minutes of receiving your message with an invitation to book an appointment at your convenience.


You will be provided with the option to book an appointment with an attorney depending on the practice area relevant to your enquiry.  You will have the option to select the date and time most convenient for you among our available time slots.


You will learn about the consultation fee, along with the different methods of payment.

If after the consultation, you would like to retain our legal services, we will prepare a quote with no commitment, including the conditions and terms of the service.

We understand that one session may not be enough in certain matters. You will have the option to reach out to us again, within the following week of the consultation, for follow-up questions, new questions, or further clarifications.

Request an appointment 


Thank you. We sent you an email with further instructions. If you don't see the message, try opening your spam inbox.

Why clients choose Online Consultations?

Convenience: Clients can access online consultations from the comfort of their homes or any location with internet access, saving time, eliminating the need for travel and avoiding the inconvenience of heavy traffic and parking availability in downtown Santo Domingo.

Accessibility: Online consultations break down geographical barriers, allowing clients to connect with our experts or specialists from distant locations within the Dominican Republic or abroad, particularly beneficial for those in remote areas or in other countries.

Flexibility: Appointments can often be scheduled at more flexible times, accommodating busy schedules and reducing waiting times.


Privacy and anonymity: Some clients may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive or personal legal issues in an online environment, preserving their anonymity.

Enhanced communication: Online platforms often facilitate communication through secure messaging or video conferencing, allowing for better interaction between clients and our attorneys. Clients can conveniently connect with a highly experienced attorney by Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Skype, WhatsApp or phone calls.


Cost-effective: Online consultations can be more affordable, as they eliminate travel expenses and reduce overhead costs for both the law firm and the client.

Reduced waiting times: Unlike traditional in-person settings, online consultations typically have shorter wait times, leading to quicker access to legal expertise advice. 


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