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Dominican Republic Real Estate Lawyers..

Real Estate and Condominium Law

Buying a vacation rental property and other real estate transactions are generally one of the biggest commitments an individual or business can make. Purchases or leasing usually involves a long-term commitment of significant funds. When facing these types of decisions, don’t go it alone.


Arciniegas Abogados's real estate department is comprised of skillful real estate attorneys who can help you navigate the legal issues that arise in residential and commercial real estate transactions.


We have the knowledge and experience to represent you either as a buyer, seller, developer, investor, property owner, project manager, owners’ association member, or lender. From simple residential closings, to complex commercial real estate transactions, we know how to protect your interests and investments.

Real Estate Law Experience

Trust Our Real Estate Law Experience:

The real estate attorneys of Arciniegas Abogados have practical experience with the following matters:

Purchases and Sales

  • Reviewing contracts to buy and sell real estate

  • Preparing warranty deeds, special warranty deeds, and quit claim deeds

  • Negotiating and resolving restrictive covenants and title exceptions

  • Preparing closing instructions for title companies

Construction and Development

  • Negotiating and preparing construction contracts and construction management agreements

  • Overseeing disbursements for construction expenses

  • Advising clients on the construction of subdivisions, condominiums, retail commercial properties, charter schools, hotels, and mixed-use properties

Easement issues

  • Drafting and recording easements

Lease Agreements


  • Preparing lease agreements for residential rental property

  • Negotiating and drafting commercial leases agreements

  • Negotiating cell-tower leases agreements

  • Drafting promissory notes and security agreements

  • Negotiating debt-relief efforts and deeds in lieu of foreclosure

  • Creating collateral assignment agreements

Tax Matters affecting Real Estate
  • Structuring and effecting 1031 exchanges to reduce your tax burden on the transfer of property

  • Planning to exclude income from the sale of personal residences

Real Estate Litigation
  • Resolving boundary disputes

  • Litigating purchase agreements and earnest money disputes

  • Litigating commercial lease disputes

  • Dealing with difficult tenants and landlords

  • Defending claims of eminent domain

  • Filing and defending construction and mechanics liens

Owner’s Associations
  • Preparing and litigating declarations, HOA covenants, declarations, and bylaws

  • Negotiating and resolving neighborhood, easement, HOA, and development disputes

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