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Dominican Republic Employmnet Law Attorn
Employment Matters

The employment law attorneys of Arciniegas Abogados understand the vital importance of finding and retaining good employees. The right people can make or break your business. We also understand the financial, legal, and administrative issues that arise with any employment relationship.

Arciniegas Abogados can assist you navigate the legal issues in every stage of employment, from recruiting and hiring, maintaining “at-will” employment status, implementing workplace policies and procedures, documenting employee discipline, employment termination, and disputing claims for unemployment.

We offer a fixed fee pricing for many business and corporate law needs.
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We Only Represent Businesses

Arciniegas Abogados only represents employers and businesses in employment matters. We do not represent individual employees.

Trust Our Employment Law Experience
Employment Law Experience

The Dominican Republic employment law attorneys of Arciniegas Abogados have practical experience with the following matters:

Dominican Republic Hiring and Policies.j
Hiring and Policies
  • Providing advice on the legal issues involved with recruiting and hiring

  • Maintaining “At-Will” employment status

  • Drafting employee policy handbooks, forms, and written acknowledgments

  • Negotiating and preparing employment contracts

  • Negotiating and preparing independent contractor agreements

  • Preparing and enforcing non-competition, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation agreements

Employee Salaries in Dominican Republic.
Pay and Management Issues
  • Resolving wage, hour, and benefit issues

  • Setting up withholding and employment tax accounts

  • Handling workers’ compensation and unemployment accounts and matters

  • Advising on protected employee activities

  • Counseling on discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment concerns

Termination of Employment in Dominican R
Employee Discipline and Termination
  • Documenting and implementing employee discipline

  • Enforcing employment policies and workplace procedures

  • Preparing for, documenting, and carrying out employment terminations

  • Protecting against and defending claims for unemployment

  • Defending claims of wrongful discharge and other employment claims

*In addition to the legal fees set forth above, the Client is responsible for all filing fees, court costs, and expenses. Please refer to our Fixed Fees page for additional information and requirements.

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